Global e-Society Complex
 Organization System for a New Societal World Order

Tools, structures and programs system for a sustainable and convivial geo-territorial development model,
locally-to-globally, as well as for every citizen and for each societal entity.
At the current stage Globplex is directed to - an estimated 1 % of humanity -  citizens and professionals, 
proactive in societal transition,
interested to be involved in collaborative crowd-research and editing of modulable documents,
education and training, renewable energy and technology, sustainable and networked socio-economy management
and citizens' steered societal co-governance.

Globplex Top Pillars
Local-Global Societal DataBank and Dynamization Platform for Citizens and Entities,
composed of codified, modulable and minimalist tools, most also offline workable.
Currently 6.000.000+ Documents online, in 5 languages, on 120+ countries.
2. Societal Dynamization Program,
including Research, Surveys, Conferences, Training Courses, Workshops, Global Exchange Missions, Societal School Projects,
North-South Co-Transition Plans, Sensibilization Campaigns, etc.
3. Societal
Holding of Local-Global Renewable and Convivial Socio-economy Entities, Profit and NonProft,
e-rationally organized in Regional Networks and Local Clusters,
gradually based on an a panergetic index and interest-free, circular self-financing system.

Globplex Highlights May 2016
Globplex Master Course Orphan Home El Bernoussi Casablanca, Morocco
A model societal organization and responsable socio-economy initiative for the world.

Opportunités d'Investissement
dans les Projets Socio-économiques, voir ci-haut, de l'Orphelinat El Bernoussi, Maroc
Formule unique !

Investissement direct sans intermédiaires, ouvert avec rapports mensuels en ligne et implication personnelle des investisseurs.
Dossiers professionnels en collaboration avec écoles régionales et dans le monde. Haut degré de durabilité et de convivialité.
Risque très réduite, parce que pas de crédit-dettes. Participation des investisseurs dans actionariat de chaque entité investie. 
Top priorité pour création d'emploi local. Ré-investissement régional de 50% des profits nets.
Programme de workshops et missions nord-sud-sud en préparation, par projet, secteur et géo-territoire.
Promotion locale, nationale et internationale.
Globplex Système d'Investissement Sociétal, Maroc

Diagram versions in other languages soon online,
as well as detailed dossiers with applications to all pilot Globplex Geo-Territories.
Download recent version of the Globplex Solutions Chômage Monde.

Compaire what your organization is doing or proposing related to a systemic generation of decent work for all, worldwide.
Send your proposals to So,
we will link to your site.

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Total volume on globplex, currently: +- 7.000.000 documents, 150 Gb

The most common characteristic of all great realizations in history, is that they all were considered utopian, by experts in their field.
The key-question is not if the Globplex-System is faisable for the world's crisis, but which other one is ?

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