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Societal Organization System for the Post-Industrial Era
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Tools, structures and programs system for a sustainable and convivial geo-territorial development model,
locally-to-globally, as well as for every citizen and for each societal entity.

The present page contains the following non-classified selection of current key-features of
the Globplex-System:
Globlex Basics - This is Globplex Local-Global Structures - Global Meta-Network Globplex Crowd-Training Platforms
Key-Characteristics Societal Socio-economy System, with Survey to download - Standard Roadmap Globplex-Project Country
World Meta-Program Launching Globplex - Globplex Summer-Autumn 2016 Highlights 
Globplex Applications for Societal Entities - Nature and Scope of Globplex - Globplex current Active Domains
The page is periodically updated with new items, along the build-up of the whole matrix.


Globplex Basics
a. Concepts, Values, Principles Root-Conventions: Globplex Operating Charter
b. iTechnological and Information System Globplex-System Info-ICT
c. Covering Entity: Globplex World Societal Consortium

Globplex Top Pillars
Local-Global Societal Collaborative DataBank for Citizens and Entities,
composed of codified, modulable and minimalist tools, most also offline workable.
Currently 6.000.000+ Documents online, in 5 languages, on 120+ countries.

2. Societal Dynamization Program
including Research, Surveys, Conferences, Training Courses, Workshops, Global Exchange Missions, Societal School Projects,
North-South Co-Transition Plans, Sensibilization Campaigns, etc.

Holding of Local-Global Renewable and Convivial Socio-economy Entities, Profit and NonProft,
e-rationally organized in Regional Networks and Local Clusters,
gradually based on an a panergetic index and interest-free, circular self-financing system.



Globplex is projected to be build-up from the millions of villages and neighborhoods of the world, all using the same system, adapted to each locality.
Apart of Globplex, there is no other known societal system proposal, combining a standard cognitive code system,
without which it is impossible to cross-over, read connect in 3D,

all micro-localities of the world, with a collaborative databank, a societal dynamization program, from street surveys to crowd-governance
and a holding of regional networks of local micro-enterprises and associations, driven by a circular interest-free and debt-free finance system.
If you know a system, let us know, if not, be coherent and join or apply Globplex.
You also, take back the socio-economy, finance and governance of your village, neighborhood, municipality, region or country.
Start with creating a Globplex-Matrix, and organizing a Globplex-Training Course.
Send a mail with some of your local-regional data to
You will recieve some concrete proposals for your area, including preliminary finance estimations, and examples of some projects going on.
Next we will seen ...


Globplex World Meta-Network of Crowd-Training Platforms
Connected points and programs of inspiration for a new, viable societal organization system.

Download Diagram Globplex Crowd-Training Platforms Network


Time is running out for the world's mercantilist economy system.
Key-Characteristics of the Globplex Societal Socio-economy System,
proposed to be applied gradually towards 2025.
Radical at first sight, at closer view simply unavoidable for the world's survival
Checklist for research, education, debate, deliberation and decision making.
Download Table-File Version Societal Socio-economy System Survey

* Money value and property right are only conventions for practical societal organization, not absolute phenomena
* If all money in the world would tomorrow be valueless, this would not change any characteristic of any physical object nor of people's competences
* The financial wealth of the so-called 1% rich is largely the product of their aberrant recognition as a value by the so-called 99%,
combined with the out-of-proportion consumption by the 99% of the mass products of the 1%,
plus the societal governance apathy by the 99%, providing carte blanche to the 1%, facilitating their abuse of it.
* The Climate Treaty of Paris, last december, is only 15 % or so of what really is necessary to stop the environmental degradation of the planet.
Consider that, for exemple, air and sea transport impacts on climate change and health are not even included in the treaty !
* Growth, as the term is used commonly, does not imply quality, mainly quantity, and even this in only monetary terms.
More, as quality is a question of "proportion", current growth in western societies, is mainly the growth of 'corrective expenses' to such a level
that it threatens de survival of society as a whole.
* 75 % of all initiatives to "save the world" do not need any new law anywhere, only free proactive, personal change.
* The set of proposed characteristics can, ideologically, not be classified as left or right.

Characteristics - Selection
* Generalized use of the Globplex Info-ICT and DataBank System, officially, in schools, professionnally and privately
* Panergetic Index replacing GDP, and dito Price System
, including all corrective expenses

* Geo-Subsidiarity = each product or service has its panergetically appropriate geo-territory level
Generalized e-Rational Networking, Sharing, Clustering and Connecting per sector and per geo-territorial level
* Complementarity, vertically and horizontally, replacing outdated competition
* 50 % of Globplex network companies are reinvested in regional-local panergetic entities and projects
* All professional members of geo-territorial networks buy-sell, where available, between each other
* All professional members of geo-territorial networks give jobs
priorily to local-regional residents, if competent
* Serpent Salary and Income System = connection between lowest and highest income, lowest ones garanteeing decent quality of life
* Full Transparency of all major economy and finance transactions, with monthly report publications
* No consumer credit

* Interest-free finance
* No stock-markets or other speculaitive instruments and platforms
* No bank leveraging
* Any innovation should be researched on their panergetic value, before approval
* All school programs from age 15, should introduce concrete societal applications to all disciplines,
constituting about 30 % of all lecture and homework time.
* All last years of secondary and higher education students should elaborate a Globplex-type project and business plan
for a concrete sustainable socio-economy network or unit in their region
* All university faculties should participate proactively in the research on all proposed and other characteristics,
and use them as academic theses topics, with concrete value for societal  organization of their respective region or country.
* Generalized application of the Personal and Entities' GlocoIndex Evaluation System
* ..............
* add your socio-economy characteristics, improving local-global environment, human relations and well-being for all ....

Any of the given characteristics missing locally-to-globally
is disturbing to destroying medium and long term quality of life, the purpose of economy.

Impact example of the application of the above characteristics:
If the region of the Algarve, Portugal, would replace to buy-sell imported goods services and finance,
by regionally equivalents, it would save more than 200.000.000 € per year, create more tha 10.000 year-round jobs with decent salaries,
and considerably restore the environment, saving on this more millions.

Challenge: if you don't agree, try to prove scientifically the irrelevance of the given characteristics,

if you agree, apply them, personally and professionnally,
let us know it and spread the word.

Take a first step to a new societal system for your country, region or city
Societal Socio-economy Crowd-Conferences, Debates and Deliberations on demand worldwide,

with Boudewijn De Graeve, Globplex-Conceptor, and local Societal Actors.
For reservations, please write to


Drive your country out of the crisis, and generate jobs and quality living, for all,
with its application to the Globplex-System.

Globplex-Platform World Geo-Territories Continents and Countries

( Not all countries are yet online, if yours is not, drop us a line and we'll load the matrix,
about 18.000 start documents per country, within days, without any obligation. )

Download the Diagram Roadmap Globplex-System Country
Shortly online:
Download the Table-File Roadmap Globplex-System Country
Download the Presentation-File Roadmap Globplex-System Country


Changing, read saving, the world system, requires the simultaneous bottom-up launching
of thousands of local and regional Globplex application,

analogue to planting a forest, in which each individual tree is driven by all other plants.


Globplex Highlights Summer-Autumn 2016 - Selection
Globplex-Missions 2016:
Maroc - Greece - Romania - Portugal
Exploration of potential for Globplex Global Societal Master Training Platform, Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal
Societal Teachers and Trainers welcome, any language goes ...
Other Highlights:
 Région de Bruxelles - RD du CongoDrôme Provençale FranceCameroun - Nigeria
Plan Sociétal 2020, Maroc - Plan Nord-Sud Belgique Maroc Région Oostende CasablancaWorld Refugees Platform 
Project Meta-Network 1.000 Convivial Eco-Villages, Romania
Other Countries in Globplex-View, resulting from the Missions:
BrasilMexicoRussia - Australia - Austria - Germany - Afghanistan - ...
See also: Outline Globplex-Applications per World Geo-Territory


Globplex Applications to Societal Entities
Dossiers per entity category and per item shortly online
Request, without commitment, proposals for a Globplex Partner  or Member Package, adapted to any case. >

0. Possible Globplex-Applications for all Societal Entities Categories
Access to All Globplex-Documents - Access to Globplex-Server - Links in Globplex-Documents, currently more than 7.500.000
Globplex Introductory Conferences - Globplex 4-Weeks Master Training Courses - Globplex 3-Months Practice Training, including North-South Experiences

Personal Own-Domain Sites with Globplex-Replicates - Personal Globplex-Keys with all Documents on Personal Geo-Territories - Globplex PCs - Globplex Disks
Personal Access to Globplex-Events - Professional Presence on Globplex-Events - Participation in Globplex-Missions
Shares in Globplex-Enterprises - Royalties on Revenue of Globplex-Enterprises - Personal Function in Globplex-Entities 
Funds from the Global-Regional GlocoBank - Voting Facilities in Globplex-Deliberations

1. Globplex-Applications for Public Institutions
* A unique societal observatory, up to street level, at no public cost.
* An unmatched platform for interaction with proactive citizens.
* A socio-economy system that will save millions and create thousands of jobs
* Direct access to the Globplex-Server of the given geo-territory
* Globplex-Transcription
in modulable format of Open Public Data
* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for Public Institutions and Geo-Territories
* ...

Globplex-Applications for Enterprises
* A professional consulting platform, opening new responsable markets, worldwide
* A socio-economy system that will save unestimable corrective expenses
* A potential for e-rational networking, clustering and sharing, reducing spectacularly overhead expenses
* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for Enterprises
* ...

Globplex-Applications for Civil Organizations
*  A wealth of data and information, in modulable file formats
Possibility for recieving substantial funds from the regional GlocoBank Societal Fund, fed by 50 % of net profit from the Globplex Enterprises
* Platform for networking, clustering and sharing, indispensable for thousands of nonprofit organizations to survive

* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for NonProfit Organizations
* ...

Globplex-Applications for Schools
* A world of opportunities to connect education, per discipline, to societal local-global realities
* Hundreds of codified standard templates for research and education, connectable in 3D with millions of similar documents, worldwide
* Possibility for recieving substantial funds from the regional GlocoBank Societal Fund, fed by 50 % of net profit from the Globplex Enterprises
* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for all level Schools
*  ...

Globplex-Applications for Media
* A potential for inspiring articles, radio and television programs and series, on innovative topics
* A platform with endless possibilities for responsable advertisement, in the margin of the publications on the Globplex concepts and projects
* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for Media
* ...

Globplex-Applications for Citizens
* A unique platform for direct societal governance participation and interaction,
including replication and connection possibilities of whole Globplex websites in one's personal own-domain site
* An immense set of modulable documents for lifelong learning and home education, covering dozens of topics
all linked to local-global realities
* A unique dynamic complex of decent job opportunities, mostly nearby one's living place
* e-Rationalization and Transition Plans for Citizens and Families
* ...


Nature and Scope of Globplex
Globplex is underway to become a new kind of Global-Local Societal Entity, requiring the composition of a special international treaty.
The system rights of Globplex will be reverted to a special societal foundation.
The Globplex-Platform, once wordwide established, possibly within 5 to 10 years, will be the major information desk,

as well as the single-most socio-economy network of the whole world.

Its Code-System can become the object of an official global standard cognitive code system.
Its application by private entities can become a condition to recieve public grants from a number of world level public institutions.
Schools of all levels might become obliged to apply all education in all disciplines to the Globplex System.


Globplex Active Domains - - - - - - - -
 - - - - -  

Total volume on globplex, currently: +- 7.500.000 documents, 165 Gb


The most common characteristic of all great realizations in history, is that they all were considered utopian, by experts in their field.
The key-question is not if the Globplex-System is faisable for the world's crisis, but which other one is ?

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